The Benefits Of Using A Licensed Bail Bonds Company Instead Of Paying A Cash Bail On Your Own

Posted on: 8 November 2022

If you were arrested for a low-level crime like a misdemeanor, you might be able to get out of jail without having to pay bail at all as long as you promise to show up for your court date. But for a more serious offense, the legal system makes it more difficult to get back to your family while you await your trial. You may be able to get out by posting cash bail. Bail is held by the court and is used to encourage you to actually show up for your court dates. But what if the cash bail is especially high and you can't afford it? Here's why it might be best to use a licensed bail bonds company instead of trying to pay your bail on your own. 

A Bail Bond Company Promises the Court You Will Show Up or It Will Pay the Full Bail While Charging You Only a Percentage of That Amount​

When you use a licensed bail bond company, the court will accept that the bail bond firm is taking responsibility for you. You still have to pay a percentage to the bail bond firm, but in return, the bail bond company will tell the court that it assumes responsibility for your full bail payment. This payment will be given back to the bail bondsman provided you show up for court. If you don't show up though, the bail bond company will come after you for the full amount. Not to mention the other legal trouble you will get into by missing a court date.

Payment Plans Are Likely Available Even for the Percentage You Have to Pay the Bail Bond Firm

If your cash bail is expensive or you just don't have the extra funds right now, being able to pay just a percentage of that amount to the bail bonds company can really help you out. The bail bond company might even help you further by offering a payment plan on even that lower amount. Using a bail bonds company ensures you can get out of jail without being financially ruined by your arrest, provided you show up for court on time.

Using a Bail Bonds Company Will Get You Out Fast and Leaves More Money Available to Plan Your Defense

If you try to pay a cash bail yourself, it might take time to get that money out of your bank or from a friend or family member. That's extra time you will spend in jail. A bail bonds firm can likely provide the funds or the needed assurances to the court immediately. Many bail bond firms will also answer the phone at all hours when your family or friend might not.

Contact a licensed bail bonds firm today to discuss your case.


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