Medical Billing Solutions

Posted on: 15 October 2020

Busy medical practices are not properly staffed to answer incoming calls regarding billing issues. These phone calls are often confusing for staff members who are not trained in medical billing and coding. If the office staff was unable to resolve the billing problem, these patients often reach out to their insurance providers for help. The options provided by the insurance provider to appeal the decision or research the claim further can be tedious.

Most people are not willing to request an appeal in writing or keep calling the insurance company. Bills that the patient feels were billed incorrectly can go on unpaid for several months. Patients who are on fixed incomes may feel their insurance provider should have covered the expense, and they can become frustrated. Their accounts are often forwarded to collection agencies who state they are reporting their overdue bills on their credit reports.

There is no need to lose established patients due to billing errors. Here are a few ways to improve business earnings through medical billing solutions. 

Check Billing Coding

Many medical providers are sending out bills without checking the medical coding used for their accuracy. Current office procedures may have been in place, uninterrupted, for several years, but over time, billing codes for services can and will change. When the incorrect billing codes are given by the provider, they are potentially losing out on the proper payout from the insurance company. 

Inaccurate billing information affects both the provider and the patient. The patient often is not receiving their correct copayment amounts for services rendered. Medical practices often are leaving thousands of dollars on the table, due to not checking how they are billing the patients for common services. 

Integrate Medical Billing Services

Allow medical billing services to provide the correct coding for common office procedures and exams. Insurance claims departments are looking for specific diagnoses and medical coding identifiers before they will pay out on the claim, and billing services can make sure the information the insurance receives is correct.

Medical billing services understands how to prevent denials and partial payments.  These services can look into each insurance provider and confirm the amount or percentage they agreed to pay in the original contract. 

Medical billing services can also handle calls from customers and patients, instead of having office staff take them. Outsource claims and billing customer service phone calls to attentive agents who can give them their undivided attention.  Patients and insurance companies who call the office directly can be transferred for more assistance. Use these tips when improving a healthcare practice of any size by adding medical billing services. 

For more information about integrating medical billing solutions, contact a local service provider.


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