Money Saving Tips for Bonding Your Spouse Out of Jail

Posted on: 19 October 2018

It is always a stressful situation when someone you love is arrested for a crime. When this person is your spouse, it just increases the stress factor. While you are likely angry, confused, and focused on getting your spouse bonded out of jail as soon as possible, you should first take a moment to breathe and educate yourself about the process. 

State bail bond agencies each operate a bit differently, so it is important you gain a bit of education so you can save yourself some money and hassle. To this end, here are some money saving tips you can use to bond out your spouse: 

Money Saving Tip #1: Educate Yourself About Your State's Bail Bond Regulations

Every state has regulations controlling how much a bail bond company can charge for utilizing their services. Before you search for a local bail bond agency, first, take the time to search your state's regulations online and familiarize yourself with them. This step will help you identify bonding companies who are reputable and trustworthy.

Money Saving Tip #2: Ask About All Fees When You Call, Not Just the Fee for the Bond Itself

When you call the bail bond agencies in your area, you will be quoted the standard bail fee. However, there may also be other fees and they will vary from one company to another. When calling, make sure you ask about each of the following fees so you can compare apples to apples when choosing a company to bond out your spouse:

  • Document fees
  • Credit card fees
  • Jail fees
  • Set-up fees for bond payment plans

In addition, ask about the late fees charged if you are late making a payment on your payment plan.

Money Saving Tip #3: Read All Paperwork and Ask Relevant Questions Before Signing a Bond Agreement

Finally, it is important that no matter which bail bond company you select to help get your spouse out of jail, you absolutely must read all of the fine print, ask all of the questions you have, and be certain you are working with the right bonding company before you sign your name on the dotted line.

Though this is a very emotional time and you likely just want the process to be over as soon as possible, you need to take some time and make sure you are making the right decision. If you see any red flags or feel uncomfortable with the bail bond agency you have initially chosen, ask for a break to think about your decision and consider finding an alternative option.

Contact a bail bond agent if you have more questions about this process.


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