Benefits Of Creating An Offshore LLC

Posted on: 28 August 2018

An LLC, or limited liability corporation, seems a bit, well, borderline illegal. The truth is, you have nothing to worry about, as long as you follow the laws for an offshore LLC creation. In fact, there are some benefits to creating such an LLC.

Much, Much Lower Legal Fees 

It costs thousands of dollars in legal fees to establish an LLC here in the states. When you are offshore, it often costs less than a grand or two, something anyone can easily afford to do. Ergo, the immediate result is a much quicker establishment of your business with less money and less red tape.

Less Red Tape

Offshore businesses and offshore accounts are not ruled by the U. S. government. As such, there is a lot less red tape for you to get through to establish your business. Less red tape means less paperwork, and less paperwork means you can jump right into your business and begin to make your money.

Less Paperwork

To establish an LLC on United States soil, you have to fill out and file a ton of paperwork. Everything has to be filled out completely and checked by a lawyer to verify that everything is true and correct to the best of your knowledge. Then it has to pass through the correct government agency, where it may sit for several weeks.  

When you establish an LLC offshore, the laws requiring paperwork are vastly different. You do not have nearly the same amount of paperwork or restrictions. Fill out a couple of sheets, and you are done.

Easy-to-Form Partnerships Globally

If you want to form business partnerships with global companies, again you have to contend with a lot of the red tape from federal government agencies. There may be federal embargoes that prevent you from conducting business with some other countries. 

With offshore businesses, you can conduct business and form business partnerships with any other offshore company you like. Just make sure you know exactly with whom you are partnering and conducting business. Lawyers in the states cannot protect or defend you if you pick the wrong partners.

Conduct Business in Nearby Countries

Say you open an offshore LLC in the Bahamas. You can conduct business in the Virgin Islands, in the Florida Keys, in Latin America, etc. All of these nations are easier to reach out to for business purposes given the location of your offshore LLC.


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