Need Bail For Your Loved One? 4 Things You Need To Know Before You Proceed

Posted on: 18 October 2017

If your loved one has been arrested, and you want to get them out of jail as quickly as possible, you'll need to wait until bail has been set. Once your loved one has a first court appearance, the judge will set bail. That's when you'll be able to arrange for the release of your loved one. Before you begin the process, however, here are four things you should know about bail, such as:

Not All States Offer Bail Bonds

When it comes to bail bonds, it's important to know that not all states provide this option. In fact, there are about eight states, including Oregon, Wisconsin, and Kentucky, that do not allow bail bonds. Before you can arrange bail, you'll need to make sure that your state offers bail bonds for release from jail. If your state doesn't allow them, you'll need to pay the total bail amount in cash or leave your loved one in jail.

You Shouldn't Pay the Whole Bail Amount in Cash

If you're thinking about paying your loved one's bail in cash, you should give it serious consideration before you proceed. This is particularly true if the bail is set at a substantial amount. There are many things that can go wrong, that could cause you to forfeit all the cash you paid for bail. For instance, if your loved one fails to attend all court hearings, or attempts to flee from the law, bail could be revoked. If that happens, you will forfeit the money you paid.

There May be Multiple Requirements for Bail

Once your loved one is released on bail, it's crucial that they obey all the requirements that were placed on them at the bail hearing. The basic rules include attending all court hearings, remaining in the county where the arrest was made, and obeying all laws while out on bail. However, the judge may include additional requirements that your loved one will need to obey. These requirements could include participation in a drug or alcohol treatment program, avoiding contact with victims – if there were any – and remaining in contact with their attorney. Your loved one will need to obey all the requirements placed on them.

Surety Bonds can be Used as Collateral

If the bail bondsman is going to require cash, and collateral, for the bail bond, you'll need to talk to them about a surety bond instead. A surety bond can be purchased based on a percentage of the total bail amount and will replace the collateral that is often needed to obtain a bail bond, especially when there is a high bail requirement.

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