Healthcare Costs Got You Worried? Make Your Money Go Farther With These Tips!

Posted on: 19 March 2015

Having health insurance is a great way to lower your medical costs, but it's not the only way. If your policy leaves a little to be desired, you don't have to settle for paying more than you want to pay. Instead, try one of these ways to minimize health expenses without skimping on care.

Preventative Care Might Just Be Free

Under the new healthcare guidelines set forth by the US government, your insurance policy might just get you free preventative care. 

Policyholders who are insured by major insurance companies, and whose coverage began after 2013, are eligible for quite a few free preventative measures, including one free wellness checkup every year. Additional health screenings, vaccinations, prescriptions, and other treatments may also be available for free depending on your current health conditions, age, and gender. 

If you are at risk for certain conditions, like Type 2 Diabetes for example, you should get in touch with your insurance company and inquire about whether or not you qualify for free screening. Physical health isn't all that's covered, either.

You may also qualify for free mental health screening, diet assistance, substance abuse assistance, and a host of other programs designed to prevent serious health complications down the line. Researching online can give you an idea of the services available, but be sure to contact your insurance company before you schedule any appointments, just in case.

Don't Rely On Your Policy Alone To Lower Prescription Prices

Your insurance coverage may be able to significantly lower the cost of prescription drugs, but it's possible you'll still find yourself paying a hefty copay if you rely solely on the insurance company to help you save. If you want to keep more of your money in your wallet, it pays to be proactive with your drug costs.

The number one person who can help you save on prescription drugs is your pharmacist. Whether it's pointing you toward inexpensive over-the-counter alternatives or helping you switch to generics priced as low as $4 per refill, pharmacists are experts at saving their customers money.

Even if you can't take a less expensive alternative medicine, talking to your pharmacist about the cost may help you save money, even with insurance. Many pharmaceutical companies offer rebates to needy customers, including those who are insured. Pharmacy staff can act as your advocates in requesting such a rebate if you ask them to, and the result could be up to hundreds saved on expensive prescription medicines.

Get The Inside Scoop Before Appointments Are Made

In order for a healthcare provider to be in your insurance network, they first have to negotiate pricing with the insurance company. Fortunately for you, not all negotiations arrive at the same dollar amount for the same services across different providers.

The next time you need to schedule a healthcare procedure, be it a checkup or a surgery, make sure to do a little research with the help of your insurance representative. Because providers charge insurance companies different amounts for their services, finding out which ones charge the lowest price could save you a pretty penny on more expensive medical bills. If you haven't met your deductible or your yearly limit for out-of-pocket costs, a lower charge for your insurance company will translate directly into less money you have to pay.

The amount you might save can vary based on your location, the procedure you're planning, and the number of providers in your area. In one example, research showed that switching between two different in-network hospitals could save an expectant mother in Connecticut up to $3,600 on the cost of delivering her baby!

Don't let your budget dictate whether or not you get the healthcare you need. By trying one of these techniques the next time you need to fill a prescription or make an appointment, you can hopefully save money on top of what your insurance is already saving you. Plus, when you ditch the stress related to paying for healthcare, you might find yourself needing to go to the doctor a little less often.

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